2010 fourth quarterly IP trends

by 운영자 posted Feb 27, 2014


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▣ Application Trends 

Applications during the fourth quarter of 2010 reached 98,958, recording a 3.4 percent increase from a year ago. 
- By type of application, patents increased by 6.5 percent and trademarks by 3.1 percent while designs dropped by 0.7 percent. 
※Utility models are steadily decreasing (▽ 17.6%) due to the abolition of the prior registration system and the double application system 

By nationality, Korean applicants increased by 1.4 percent, while foreigners increased by 11.4 percent. 
- As for patents, Korean applicants rose by 5.4 percent, while foreigners increased by 11.4 percent. 
- By region, North Gyongsang Province recorded the highest at 32.0 percent rate of increase followed by South Jeolla Province at 19.7. 
- By country of origin, Canada rose by 38.1 percent followed by China at 26.3 percent. 

By type of applicant, conglomerates rose by 2.8 percent, small and medium businesses by 4.0 percent, central government by 71.4 percent and local governments by 27.4 percent 
- The central government had patents and utility models increase the highest while local governments had trademarks and designs rise the most. 

▣ Registration Trends 

Intellectual property rights registration recorded 44,797 during the fourth quarter of 2010, a 26.7 percent increase from a year ago. 
- By type of rights, patents increased by 30.6 percent, followed by utility models at 19.8 percent, trademarks at 26.4 percent and designs at 20.3 percent. 
- By nationality, Korean applicants rose by 28.8 percent and foreigners by 18.5 percent. 
- By region, Jeju and Gwangju recorded the highest rate of increase at 104.3 percent and 55.0 percent respectively. 
- By country of origin, Taiwan rose by 64.9 percent and Japan by 23.9 percent. 
By applicant, conglomerates rose by 20.8 percent, small and medium businesses by 38.9 percent, public organizations by 92.6 percent, and local governments by 43 percent. 
- Applicants with an outstanding rate of increase of patent and utility model registrations during the fourth quarter were KT and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), of trademarks was Samsung Heavy Industries; and of designs, the Korea Fashion Center 

▣ Examination and Trial Trends 

Requests for examination increased by 5.4 percent from the same period a year ago at 45,355. 
- Requests for patent examinations rose by 7.8 percent at 42,147 but utility models dropped by 19.1 percent at 3,208 from the same period a year ago. 
- Requests for PCT international investigation decreased by 1.6 percent at 6,222 but the processing of international investigations rose by 22.5 percent at 4,864. 

Requests for trials dropped by 4.0 percent at 3,619 from the same period a year ago but trials processed increased by 2.1 percent at 3,424. 
- By type of rights, requests for trials of patents and utility models dropped by 11.5 percent at 2,504, but trademarks and designs recorded 929 and 186 cases respectively, or an 18.8 percent and 16.3 percent rate of increase, respectively. 

* This material is based on applications submitted until 2 January 2011 (as of date of application, tentative value) and intellectual property rights statistics collected from the fourth quarter of 2010 
- Actual values may differ from the statistics of the date of calculation due to reasons such as withdrawals or waivers. 
* Only new Trademark applications have been summed up. 
* The rate of increase has been compared with the same period from a year ago.

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