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by 운영자 posted Feb 27, 2014


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Introducing the smart phone app, ‘Patent Search,’ and the mobile homepage of KIPO ( - 

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has developed ‘Patent Search,’ an application for smart phones, and an exclusive mobile homepage, ‘Mobile KIPO (’ KIPO is planning to provide full service starting October 22. 

Recently, the number of smart phone users has drastically increased in Korea. The current number of smart phone users is 4.4 million in Korea, and the number is expected to reach 6 million by the end of this year. Meanwhile, the number of patent searches is about 23 million per year, and to make such searches more convenient, KIPO has developed ‘Patent Search,’ a 'killer app' for smart phones, that provides an unparalleled service to the increasing number of smart phone users. 

Through this service, users can input the patent application number or registration number marked on everyday products, and find out about the information of the applicant, patent registration status, details of the patent, etc. The service will be especially helpful in judging the authenticity of the patent. 

In addition, people who constantly search for patents, such as patent attorneys, R&D managers of companies, researchers from labs, etc., can use this service to conduct prior arts searches anytime, anywhere to maximize accessibility to patent information. 

The first edition of this application is for Android phones which have more users in Korea than the iPhone. The iPhone edition will be launched in December. Besides ‘Patent Search,’ a total of six more applications will be launched by December, including ‘IP glossary’ ‘Patent Fee Calculator,’ ‘IPC classification Search,’ ‘Patent Guinness Book,’ and ‘Invention Diary.’ 

For the general public as well as people working in the field of intellectual property, ‘Mobile KIPO’ is optimized for the mobile environment with eight interesting and useful menus including KIPO News, IP Statistics, and Invention Stories. 

The ‘Mobile KIPO’ service was developed with a focus on web-accessibility to allow all users of various smart phones access to the service. Thus, regardless of the OS type of the phone, everyone with a smart phone (Android, iPhone, Windows phone, etc.) can access the service through the phone’s mobile web browser. 

In the future, KIPO is planning to expand mobile services related to patent administration and electronic applications, such as developing a mobile trademarks application, and an application management service

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