KIPO provides patent consultations through Twitter

by 운영자 posted Feb 27, 2014


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KIPO provides patent consultations through Twitter - 

With the growing popularity of Twitter, fueled by explosion of the smart phones and other mobile internet devices, KIPO is planning to provide patent consultations through Twitter, and also to develop customer service applications. 

Currently, consultations related to intellectual property rights (IPRs) are provided through the Patent Customer Center at ☎1544-8080. At the center, more than 40 expert consultants handle over three thousand calls a day. 

KIPO plans to provide real-time IP consultation through Twitter (@ipconsult) exclusively for IPR consultation so that customers receive consultation service more conveniently. Customers can post their questions on Twitter, which will be answered by the consultants in real-time. 

The operational status of the Patent Customer Center and other useful IPR information will also be announced promptly through the Twitter account. 

Meanwhile, KIPO is planning to develop a free application which contains key Q&A related to patent applications, registration procedures and more. The application will be released by the end of this year. 

Smart phone users can simply download this IPR application to search IPR information and ask further questions through the Twitter account connected to the application. 

Young-Sik Son, Director of Customer Support Division of KIPO, commented, “Through Twitter, we will provide convenient consultation and information services as well as actively listen to the various voices of our customers. We will continue to develop new services to satisfy the needs of our customers.”

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